Friday, January 15, 2010

NPD Confirms Aggregame's Initial Findings

Well, now that NPD’s numbers are finally out, we are proud (and relieved) to announce that our AggreTweet analysis was spot on in determining how console sales compared and fared for Holiday season 2009. (see Top Console & Gaming Trends, Christmas 2009 - published December 29 2009)

The week's worth of Twitter chatter we analyzed directly correlated to actual sales numbers. Moreover, this data highlights the power of micro-blogging social media as possibly the earliest market indicator, as we reported our findings sixteen days before NPD’s validation. We believe that there is significant value in knowing the outcome of an event weeks before the published results from leading market research firms.

What really stands out in this particular case, was the amount of negative press Nintendo received from May, 2009 all the way through Thanksgiving regarding their sales numbers... Analysts were pontificating that Nintendo’s Wii had plateaued and would suffer during the Holiday season - only to have a huge Christmas surprise!

So, a shout out to all of you Tweeters! Your collective chatter matters, and we’re working hard to make your collective voice heard - in real-time.

As we continue to research and develop a far deeper insight into leveraging Twitter chatter for use in our analytics products and services, we’ll keep you informed of any breakthroughs.

We hope you enjoyed us sharing our data and process in initially testing and validating some of our research. And thanks again for participating, even though most of you had no idea we were watching! ;-)

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