Monday, May 31, 2010

Graph Maintenance - Complete!

As noted in the previous entry, we recently updated the AggreTweet graphing technology to display more accurate information. Now, graphs will at-most be 3 minutes out of date. Considering that the graphs only plot points in 6 minutes intervals (by design), this should really not be noticeable by anybody looking.

So, in cases like a Halo: Reach BETA launch, and everyone is clamoring for a code via Twitter, you will see the spike in the graphs as soon as the next plot point on the graph is generated. This also means that if a given topic gets a high volume of tweets in rapid succession, it will rise to the Top-10 list much sooner (and accurately) than before.

We'll be monitoring performance as always, and if we notice any other anomalies we'll be sure to address them as quickly as possible. As always, look for updates here!

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